Begining of project sharing voices of people…


Link people who have something to share. From the virtual to the real...

When : July, August, September ? When you can !

Where : In a farm, in India ?

We can spend some days, a week, a month, or more… or hours in the virtual world.

“Experimentation of these following principles”

« When a material good is shared, is divided, when an immaterial thing is shared is multiplied” – Serge Soudoplatoff[1]

“ »L’homme n’est pas une entité indépendante, mais un processus de construction directement inséré dans le flux de son époque »” – Norbert Elias (Someone want to traduct it ?)

« Le monde que nous avons créé est le résultat de notre niveau de réflexion, mais les problèmes qu’il engendre ne sauraient être résolus à ce même niveau » – Einstein

« Progress

No matter how far we’ve traveled on the transformation path, we can only step forward from where we are standing.

Progress is always marked by a greater awarness of love and compassion.

Therefore, the more we love ourselves where we stand, even when it appears we’re  standing in a garbage dumpster, the more progress we can make in the direction of unity consciousness.”

I.D. Garuda, in Transforming Now

“We shall all, philosophers, scientists and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of the question of why it that we and the universe exist.”

Stephen Hawking, “A brief history of time” – extract from the conclusion of conclusion.

Personal Introduction :

For what are we using our energy ? How to make happiness ? How to show beauty ?  Can we try to answer ? All together ? If you are reading me, I am sure I cross your path in a deep way, in somehow, and I know you have you have something to say about it ? Even if it’s beginning to say what don’t make us happy. Experiences… All the people who are reading me this sunday 25 april 2010, I have shared a moment of life with you, permanent, brief or long, with rationality, with humanity, with emotions, with passion, with pain sometimes or with misunderstanding at some point – just with life actually. Thank you to read that, and thank for your answers.

Lots of people whom inspired me don’t know me, because I was just reading them or watching their different works or looking around me… An some other people I know don’t read me. But everybody I have met in my life taught me something. For some it is still a virtual moment, but that can change…

Communities are they a way of a sustainable evolution ?

These past years, I have shared with so many interesting people with so many fascinating ideas in so many ways : Artists, Teachers, Workers, Farmers, Travellers, Friends, Family… and that is accelerating…  Do you think ideas can create reality, by a way or another ? When we garden, we create life… Can we multiply happiness? Some of you feels prisoners of a system, some likes it, some tries to be extract from, some already did. But all people I know want just to be in harmony and doing what they are, not what they should. If you are still reading me, we are connected by the heart, the minds, the curiosity or a quest of knowledge,… And I love every of you. Every of us are playing a role, though. No-determination, determination ? This is maybe no more the question… Why learning if it is not to try to build a beautiful future ? Do you want to discuss about it ?

You can do it for real or virtually, you have the choice. Or you can just observe.  If you think we can help some seeds of our new world growing up, maybe this cycle can interest you… But be carefull, that can call you… and change your life.

Objective of the conferences-gardening cycle : you can choose the one you want and you can propose everything : here there are just few propositions but, you can imagine other things. If we are a lot, we can do a lot, but if we are less, less…

–          Working the soil during the day and learn how eating our own products to take care of the planet, (and realize how good it is !)

–          Building a sustainable project during the month we choose together,

–          During the evening, you can choose your conference

–          Every of us will teach something, knowledge or life experiences.

–          We can think to see if communities could be an answer to the challenge of XXI th s…

–          We can write stories of different existant communities

–          Write a guide book for community creators

–          And we can try to answer to the question, “can we begin to build new communities, now ?”

–          We can try to see where building these communities, could we really participate to create something with a good impact,

–          we will share our knowledge during a period you choose.

–          And we will try to crystallize knowledge with free tools to share the result with others communities. (That is an important part).

–          We try to bring some “home made” products to teach how doing it to people…

(All others ideas are welcome ! It is just a beginning of proposal, an experimentation… Alone, I won’t do it, but if you come, maybe we can try).

Have you something to share ? I am looking for you. And that don’t need money, only time, and transport. (We can try to use low impact way… if we can help eachother).

– a specialist of internet networks (who can show to people the power of internet)

– a specialist of permaculture (who can explain the principles of sustainability)

– specialist of wiki (who can build a new wiki, another synapse in the global network)

– a creator of a community able to explain how that could begin, and show the local impact of it (environment, social, knowledge, sustainability…??)

– sociologue or scientist or specialist of ancestral culture who wants to speak about time : Time is it a process of integration ? Of what, of knowledge ? is it accelerating ? Have we some answers ?

– journalist who can write about different communities, stories and conference…

–  travellers who can say they what they see,

– specialists of geographic information system ((who know google map, and free ERP)

– teachers

– people engage in a way or another ,

– gardeners and botanists

– geeks and players who know virtual or real guild

– people who want but who don’t know how to create a community

– farmers

– musicians

WHY I AM DOING THIS ?  Everything I need happens when I need it. Creativity is NOW and not tomorrow. I have some ideas, and i just follow the waves..

Since I begun to express myself I have many more ideas, and a lot of people have some new ideas and want to participate. Why not us ? You are reading me ? Since the beginning of life, on the system, on the road, wherever…

Where are you, and what do you want to do in your life ? I met so many people who really want to change their life, to have a better impact, but how to do for not being alone…? Creativity is sharing…

This morning, I was tired… I didn’t know if I was on the right path… But I received some e-mail, who help me to believe we can do it… But I was afraid. I met a nomadic cooker, with a beautiful process of evolution. I needn’t maybe to speak for real, and I met Kiku. He’s Italian. The story of his life was beautiful. He explained me his life by his tattoos. How he managed to rebirth after some pains, how he is connected to his roots, how everything he have seen so far help him to grow, and how he loves. How he believes we can change the world… He tell me we are not alone…He told me “People needs faith”. So what I needed, a real story, sharing with life and emotion, a story of love.

He quoted me HABEAS CORPUS : There is one world who want to be free, and another one who doesn’t let”. So we just have to choose ours. Internet is another world who can help us to find our real world.

He told me “Take risks” and just “Do it”. “The worse you risk is to fail… And you can learn from that.”. And I though “Show the beauty and share it”. To finish he told me even if I am crazy, I am still happy…

I hope I won’t hurt someone showing these words from you… I keep going because you believe in. You are my energy… I will answer you here.

How lovely to hear from you Celine. Ou es tu maintenant?

I wish my French was good enough to read your piece but your English
is good enough for me. What a great effort! Thank you so much –
merci beaucoup.

We are both well here. We have had a lot of rain and now have
hundreds of weeds. Come back sometime and help us pull them.

Bon chance, cherie.


@Tamaso : Thanks for these words… Je suis en Thaïlande. I was working in a farm, with people. It was so nice to work the soil… And I visited the country… I had some disillusions, I have stayed in Chiang Mai and though about what can I do in my scale… and i exchanged with people, and hopes appeared again… I am happy to know you are well.  And hopefully, I will come back one day to garden your place… Be sure if it’s not me, someone will do it !

Tamaso is is chief redactor of Beyond the Rainbow, a literary magazine where “Nimbin writes with Australia and with the World”. If you want, we can share some texts on internet… She says me to keep hopes when I was there. She told me his story, why her and his partner change their name and build their own life, for happiness. Thank you so much…


Bonjour Céline ! J’imagine que c’est vous qu’on voit en photo en Thaïlande, avec de la boue sur la joue ?

Votre email est très sympa. Je ne vois pas bien en quoi je vous ai inspirée, vous m’avez l’air déjà de bien savoir comment utiliser votre énergie !

Donc vous voulez monter une communauté. Ce n’est pas simple. La technologie est simple, mais il faut y mettre de la sueur, beaucoup de sueur. Vous ne semblez pas en manquer 🙂

Déjà, quelques références. Je vous conseille un livre écrit en 1968 je crois, “design with nature” de Ian McHarg. Un très beau livre.

Et puis voilà, si je peux vous aider, ce sera bien volontiers.

Une dernière question : êtes-vous apparentée au compositeur Maurice Ohana ?


@Serge : Merci beaucoup beaucoup pour votre intérêt. Vous m’avez inspirez lors de votre conférence « comment internet peut changer le monde », en me montrant que nous pouvons nous connecter et diffuser des expériences. Merci pour vos références, je vais essayer de trouver ces ouvrages, mais d’où je suis, je vais peut-être devoir attendre…

Je vais tenter d’utiliser ma sueur à bon escient ! Merci pour vos encouragements, ils m’aident beaucoup…

Voulez vous vraiment aider ? Si oui, plusieurs options. Ouvrir l’expérience virtuellement dans vos réseaux, ou bien participer à cette farming experience pour de vrai, et nous enseigner comment utiliser internet…

Le compositeur Maurice Ohana ? Je ne crois pas… Je fais peut-être erreur toutefois. Si un membre de ma famille à une autre réponse, peut-être l’écrira-t-il…

Au plaisir de nouveaux échanges, en réel ou virtuel.




Un seul mot : BRAVO.
Le suivant sera : Merci d’avoir pris la peine de m’envoyer votre lien.
Je vais suivre pas à pas cette « aventure », mais surtout : bonne continuation.

@Michèle ! Merci ! Vous êtes déjà passé sur ce blog il y a quelques mois… Il bouge un peu. Peut-il faire « Attention à la Terre » avec vous ? Sa promesse est d’essayer… Voulez-vous participez à l’expérience ? J’aimerais avoir un jour l’occasion de vous rencontrer…

Dear Céline

All the best for your project , try to get associated with our ngo hosts for your project


Harish (wwoof India coordinator)


A friend I met in Pai :

I think you throw up some interesting points in your blog, I have my own thoughts on some of the issues but they will obviously take too long to write here. And like you said at the end of the day it will be just more talk / hot air rather than actual action.

However, I suppose my ambitions are slightly less grand than yours….I havent gone out to save the world :-)…I am just hoping that I can make an impact in India. I took a 12 month holiday from my job in London to come back to India to see if there were any opportunities for me to do something here. I am currently looking for jobs that are specifically focused on helping out the rural poor, and to fill in the void that the government has left. This is a serious problem over here and if it doesnt get sorted out we are going to be heading towards a civil war. You will understand what I am saying once you come here and see it for yourself.

I am intending on spending most of the next two months travelling around india, but I think with a slightly different focus to what you have in mind. Nevertheless, let me know what your ideas are and yes we can always go visit some communities.


Stanzin, from wwoofing place in Ladakh (if we want to go there for this experience, we can, we have to organize it).

Hello friends,
I’m really interested in your project, My place would be really amazing for you to understand natural way of living.
Plus its gave that positive energy even for me when i used to visit those village in ladakh which is cut off from main city life.
you can check the website and please you can be a fan ecological footprint travels in facebook.
Where different people talk about these cocept a lot.

we do charge 200 rs a day and thats include your food and accomodation.
Please let me know if you are interested
stanzin odzer
ecological Footprint Travels

Brian, an imaginative physic teacher : Thanks for everything… All these our talkings for real or with skype…

“Celine, I just wanted say something that I might not have said before and that is that I am so happy for you! You are an amazing person on an amazing trip! I feel sorry for not being happier for you earlier but I think I just didn’t understant the magnitiude of what you were saying. You are reaching for the stars and they are reaching back for you! and even though I said that I don’t believe things happens for a reason, you’ve shown me that things happen because we decide it…You’re right, we can chose our own destines if we want to and we are only limited by our imaginations. You are choosing to live your life! We have such incredible technologies for communicating in this age and it’s so great to see you using them and at the same time putting so many of your skills to use! By the way, even though my french is not so great, I can tell that you are an awesome writer and that you really understand life (you are the opposite of crazy, you are alive!) It’s like you’re riding a wave of conciousness evolution. You can only succeed – nothing else can happen.


Collin !!!!!  My partner ! We will create your school my dear ! I won’t give up… You will find your home, you will choose it. I am sure you will continue to take care of soil and that is the most important… I am looking forward to seeing you in India !

“I do really look forward to talking with you further about what you are
currently thinking. I don’t think that skype is a good mode, though,
considering I cannot hear or see you well. If you feel like it, shoot
me an email about it all, or I will wait until we can talk face to
face more easily.

I hope you are finding comfort in your thought processes. I am always
here to listen and to discuss. You always amaze me.

Collin »

« Non tu n’as pas trop d’idéaux, non tu n’en fais pas trop! Je me risquerais même à dire « pas assez »! J’spr ne pas t’avoir vexée ds mon paragraphe « des paroles aux actes » sur ton blog, ce n’était bien évidemment pas mon objectif.

Je te respecte énormément pour tes idées, ta force de conviction, ton envie de croire que participer au changement du monde n’est ni utopiste, ni peine perdue! Et je trouverais que ne pas mettre en application tes idées serait tout simplement un beau gachis!
Oui tu peux vraiment créer une guilde, en réponse à ton post FB, oui tu peux décider de consacrer ta vie à cette cause! Non tu n’est pas obligée de revenir à une vie classique, bosser ds une équipe de management (petite pensée pr ton mémoire 😉 ) et à distance crier sur ce monde qui part en couilles. Tu peux agir! Ce n’est ni utopiste, ni marginal. D’autres l’ont fait et continuent de le faire. Tout est possible, tu le sais très bien. Alors mets de côté des interrogations sur la faisabilité, et lance toi à fond, deviens engagée!
Tu as la « chance » d’avoir une très belle vision de l’idéal à atteindre, des idées sur des moyens d’y parvenir, ou tout du moins s’en rapprocher, alors vas-y!!!
Bien sur ce ne sera pas facile, au début tu vas galérer, mais ta métaphore à la plante est très juste, au début la graine ne bouge pas, puis elle commence à germer doucement, sans que personne ne le sache, et ensuite très rapidement elle devient plante et grandit de jour en jour! Alors plante des graines, arrose au quotidien et ne doute pas que ca portera ses fruits.

En ce qui me concerne j’ai de vraies valeurs mais ca ne se voit pas. lol 🙂 Je n’ai pas ta capacité à les mettre en avant par de très beaux écrits! Néanmoins en silence je pense…Je prends l’avion mais une partie de mon être le regrette, qd qqn jette un mégot ds la nature ca me pince le coeur mais je ne dis rien, je ne fais pas de wwoofing car je ne pense pas que ce soit une vraie solution, mais je me sens mal de n’être qu’un touriste, etc. Je pense, jusqu’à trouver un projet, une idée sur laquelle j’ai envie de m’investir. Et je pense que ce jour est proche.

Des profils de postes pour ta guilde? Magnifique!!!
Je te proposerai, si j’y arrive, un outil permettant non seulement de les présenter à la communauté wwoofing mais aussi à toutes les autres communautés de voyageurs, ceux qui s’adonnent à une autre forme de volontariat pdt leur périple, les adeptes de l’échange et du troc, etc., etc., et aussi, les âmes égarées ;), ceux qui sont las du voyage touristique solitaire et aimeraient se lancer ds un projet à pls.
Et cette communauté, actuellement difficilement identifiable, j’ai des idées pour la regrouper autour de besoins et envies concrètes. Ce n’est pas qu’un simple réseau type FB! By and for travellers! 😉

Bref, j’arrête. Je me plais à écrire maintenant! 😉

Tout ca pour dire, monte tes projets, lance toi, ne te retourne pas. De mon côté si peux jouer un role ds ta guilde, apporter une pierre à ton édifice, j’en serais ravi. On en reparlera certainement bientôt.

Courage, on te soutient dans ta folie.
Biz »

@ Arnaud : Arnaud !! MERCI !! Pour la quinzième fois merci… Ma proposition n’est pas suffisante ? Donne moi des conseils, je vais les suivre !

Linda Rouleau : enseignante en théorie des organisation à Montréal :

« Pour revenir à ce long mail, il va falloir faire des choix et les voyages sont faits pour ça… s’engager envers la communauté et faire un doctorat ce n’est pas la même chose… bien sûr, l’un n’exclut pas l’autre mais on ne peut pas faire n’importe quoi non plus dans un doctorat, il faut suivre quelques règles dites « scientifiques ». Et le but n’est pas de refaire le monde mais de continuer de le comprendre tel qu’il est…Après comme citoyen, il est possible de défendre des causes, des idées innovatrices, comme chercheur la route est plus difficile…

J’espère donc que le voyage se déroule toujours très bien pour toi… et aux prochaines nouvelles…

Linda »

@Linda : Je fais mon choix. Merci pour tous vos conseils depuis ma visite à Montréal. Si je dois faire un choix, je m’investis dans la communauté… en gardant espoir pour éditer, un jour, l’expérience. Scientifiquement si l’on peut, autrement, je le ferai avec le cœur…

Ma cousine, Marine :

« Je suis d’accord avec Caro laisse tomber les ressources humaines… Je pense qu’après ce voyage tu auras de toute façon vraiment du mal à y retourner… Si Sarah et Antoine n’avaient pas besoin en ce moment de leur maman je viendrais engager une conversation en live avec toi… Courage à toi, et si des projets murissent n’hésite pas à demander du soutien… A l’occas je te ferai part de ce que j’essaie de mettre en place à mon petit niveau. Sur ce je t’embrasse encore une fois et je fais lire tes écrits à un max de monde…

Marine »

@ Marine : Merci. Nous trois, cousines, on est toujours révoltées par les mêmes choses… Courage dans tes projets. Tu as une magnifique énergie et tu es une merveilleuse maman !!! Nous allons nous connectées par un moyen ou un autre…


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